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When you pull up to your driveway each night do you sigh at the beauty that greets you?

Do you yearn to spend time outside enjoying the place you call home, relaxing amid the fragrances and colors that surround you? At Perfect Lawns & Landworks of Austin we are dedicated to invoking a sense of awe when you step out into your landscape. We want you to be drawn out into the lush exterior that surrounds your house. With over twenty plus years of experience each, Brent and Bruce Wiltshire have crafted a design team of professionals whose passion is design.

Communication is the key to a good design.

Perfect Lawns & Landworks of Austin strives to understand the desires and lifestyles of each client. Using that information, the design studio crafts a plan when possible that fuses seamlessly with the vernacular of the house architecture, the native landscape, and the neighborhood tone. We also recognize that each person has an individual aesthetic and need and we work towards the final goal of pleasing the client. Customer service is of utmost importance to the Perfect Lawns & Landworks of Austin design studio. We hope to work with you, our client, to merge our knowledge of design and environment with your taste. We understand that the client is the one who will enjoy the landscape and that ultimately they must be comfortable and happy in their new garden.

So what makes us different?

At the Perfect Lawns & Landworks design studio, clients will find highly trained professionals who are dedicated to the betterment of your personal environment. A Texas Registered Landscape Architect leads the studio of designers. The design team spends time researching and periodically attending conferences, certification programs, and seminars to further their knowledge so that they may best serve the client as well as stay on the cutting edge of the landscape design industry. Knowledge of plants, soil ecology, and ecological design is important, not just the aesthetics of the design. Also within the team are people who have a working knowledge of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design(LEED) including course credits, organic and permaculture design principles, and most all of the whole staff is Green Garden Certified through the City of Austin.



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  • Laurie "Wow! Talk about service...can't believe that I came home to a beautifully manicured lawn this evening. Thanks so much for the quick response...
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