Landscape Architecture and Design


A beautiful landscape can add up to 20% resale value to your home.                                                     Visit our installed design work

A landscape architect for your home is just as important of an investment as an interior decorator!
A good investment takes knowledge and precision. Landscape Architects must have a degree in Landscape Architecture from an accredited university and be registered in the state in which they practice. At Perfect Lawns we employ a staff of landscape designers and landscape architects who listen to your needs and compliment them with local experience and expertise.

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 Landscape Architects from our Design Studio

  • Analyze your properties soil, geology and plant material
  • Understand the native plant palette and soil types
  • Create and design regionally appropriate plant selections
  • Design hardscape elements, walls and landscape structures
  • Develop detailed construction drawings require for some construction

  • Giving you the landscape you want on your budget!

    Visit our outdoor design and construction page above for additional designs and installation. If you are looking to to landscape your new home or renovate and add outdoor spaces to an existing property, then Perfect Lawns and LandWorks of Austin is there to help you. We bring Quality of service combined with experience that translates into impressive design and functionality.

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