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Outdoor Water and Fire Features

When thinking of the typical backyard, freshly cut grass, trees, lawn furniture, and a good sized barbecue pit are usually what come to mind. As good as those things are, we believe your backyard has the potential to be so much more than your typical yard. We at Perfect Lawns & Landworks believe your backyard — the place you’ll go to lay out in the sun, to entertain family and friends, or to just reconnect — should create an atmosphere that emanates warmth and love.

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Beautiful water features and fire pits

  • A wide variety of materials to chose as a base for your fire features
  • Natural burning wood or plumbed gas installations
  • We incorporate the natural surrounding stones that tie-in to your property
  • Safe and professional installation you can rely on
  • Easy to operate controls and safety features
  • Trickle and flowing water for the perfect sound ambiance

We create the outdoors of your dreams

Keeping this in mind, we have recently added Fire and Water features to our incredible list of services. With the gift of water, you’ll add dimension to your landscape with movement and sound that only the flow of water can give; With the heat of fire, you’ll warm the souls of yourself and those around you. Turn any late night party into an outdoor gathering with the draw of a fire pit. By incorporating either of these features into your yard, you’re sure to experience a feeling of rest and relaxation like never before.

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